About Waseyo

At Waseyo, we are always excited to discover up and coming K-Beauty brands that works wonders on your skin. But more importantly, we want you to feel excited about it too!

We aim to be your trusted beauty community that brings to you unique K-Beauty brands that might be unheard of, but huge in effectiveness. Rest assured that trying out new brands from Korea with us will be a rewarding experience, and you will be back for more.

Start shopping like you are in Korea, from your fingertips to your doorstep :)

Our Story


An idea that was borne out of a university lecture on Biological Science. As fellow students at that time in 2013, we realised that there was so much curiosity and passion for skincare amongst everyone, but equally so, much confusion and anxiety when it came to how to select beauty products properly. One question kept coming up in our seminar exchanges with our Professor – does this product actually work?


With some help from our Professor, whom sits on the scientific advisory board of some of the largest beauty brands, and his guidance on how to select products based on ingredients and technology, we started out in search of some of Korea's most under-rated brands, but yet proved to be huge on effectiveness. Our first brand Tahpre was brought into Singapore.


We started distributing to retail chains, departmental stores and salons. Our brand portfolio grew as we aimed to bring in more and more exciting new brands for our consumers.


WASEYO was born as we wanted to build a beauty community of learned consumers and allow them to share the benefits of the different brands we have brought in.


At Waseyo, we continuously hunt for you an exclusive selection of brands from Korea that are high in efficacy and safe for the skin. Our brands may seem foreign but as long as it is Waseyo accredited, you can have the assurance that it is nothing but the best.

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