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Are you experiencing itchy scalp, oily scalp, scalp with dandruff, or even having a smelly scalp? Introducing Cossu Scalp Detox, Korea's best hair scalp treatments you can DIY at home comfortably. Simply spray and detox your scalp with carbonic acid that leaves a 'popping' effect on your scalp. Provides deep cleanse to remove sebum and dandruff that clog your pores.

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Are you having an oily scalp, itchy scalp or wanting to get rid of dandruff?

Introducing Cossu Scalp Detox, Korea's best hair scalp treatment for oily & itchy scalp.

One of the biggest contributors to dandruff is an oily scalp. Cossu Scalp Detox helps to remove excess oil on your scalp and hence reduce itch and dandruff.

It is so easy to apply you can do it yourself at home, helping to cleanse your scalp and detox it thoroughly.

Cossu Scalp Detox is also used in professional hair salons for oily scalp treatment and to treat itchy scalp.

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Cossu Sparkling 5.0 Scalp Detox Scaling

Cossu is used by professionals all over Korea! Check out their products used in popular Hair salons like Juno Hair, Tony and Guy etc. Here are some of the reviews by our beauty community in Korea! Great to remove scalp odour, dandruff and deep cleanse your clogged pores. Get that salon spa at the comfort of your own home today! The sparkling shampoo and scalp detox is going viral on social media! Take a look at the reviews and people loving COSSU sparkling hair treatment! Here a survey done by 100 professional hair stylist from different hair salons! Look at the satisfaction and 100% are willing to repurchase after trying! Cossu is safe and easy to use. It is suitable for ALL hair types even if you bleach, dye, perm or chemically treated your hair! It is slightly acidic to keep a healthy pH level. More importantly it provides a minty cooling sensation which helps reduce hair loss too!Do you experience these hair problems - Dandruff, itchy scalp, thinning of hair, dry frizzy hair and smelly scalp? Cossu Sparkling Hair Detox scaling can help solve your problems!Introducing Cossu Scalp Scaling 5.0 for all hair types! Feel the bubbles popping giving you an experience like no other!Here is a breakdown of population experiencing hair loss. Are you one of them?Here are the key ingredients that make this product so awesome! Get your hair fix today!A simple step by step guide to use Cossu Sparkling Scalp Scaling! Use before shampoo your hair! Spray the bubbles onto your scalp by segments. Let the ingredients sit on your scalp and penetrate into your pores. Fold hair and move to another segment. You can press for a deeper sensation! Shampoo it off after 60secs! You can also use the hair balm as a condition to keep your hair smooth and silky!Here are some recommendations that we have tried for scalp cleansing! Do check out our other Cossu Hair products too!


- Why scalp itchy?


The most common cause for itchy scalp is dandruff. While the exact cause for scalp dandruff is not definite, people with oily scalp types tend to be more prone to dandruff because Malassezia yeast thrive in oil. This bacteria yeast leads to accumulation of dead flaky skin which causes itching and scalp redness. Other causes for scalp with dandruff could be due to stress and hormonal fluctuations too.


Product buildup with hair styling products especially with products containing silicone (eg hair conditioners or hair sprays) can make your scalp itchy and irritated. Product buildup can clog your hair follicles. Just imagine the layer of silicone sitting atop your scalp and trapping the dirt.


Another reason for scalp itch is contact dermatitis, which is the same allergic reaction when your skin reacts to certain products that contains irritants or allergens to your scalp.


Other possible causes for itchy scalp include fungus ringworms or head lice.



- What causes scalp acne and how to treat scalp with pimples?



Just like pimples on our skin, scalp acne occurs when hair follicles get clogged by dirt, bacteria and oil. When your sebaceous glands produce excess sebum, it can clog your pores and result in pimples on scalp. 


We recommend washing your hair thoroughly to remove excess oil and hair care products that is build up in our clogged pores. In most cases, a doctor will recommend a scalp treatment or medicated scalp shampoo. These shampoos usually contain ingredients like

  • tea tree oil, an essential oil that helps eliminate bacteria on the scalp
  • salicylic acid, which helps to get rid of dead skin cells
  • glycolic acid, which can help exfoliate the scalp



- Can oily scalp lead to hair loss?


A little oil is ok, as the sebum’s important role is to help protect healthy hair. But it is essential to keep your scalp cleansed.


Oily scalps when left unmanaged, especially in hot and humid climates, tend to get even oilier. If too much sebum builds up on the scalp, it traps dead skin cells and dirt particles. This clogs up the hair follicles and can lead to scalp problems such as hair thinning, premature hair loss, itching and scalp acne. 


Sebum from the scalp will also weigh down on your hair, making your hair looking flat and greasier to touch.



- How to get rid of oily scalp?


Use Cossu Scalp Detox as a DIY home scalp treatment for oily scalp. It uses carbonic acid to gently exfoliate scalp and remove the serum and dirt that are clogged in your hair follicles. Scalps are also healthier when the pH levels are slightly acidic, as it helps reduce bacteria and fungi.


The more expensive option to help detox your scalp would be professional scalp treatment in Singapore. Most hair salons will steam the scalp to help loosen buildup, then they'll deep cleanse the entire scalp pores with scalp exfoliation products.


Avoid applying conditioner to the scalp. It makes your scalp greasy, promotes hair fall and bacterial growth. Instead of applying your conditioner all over, just apply from the ends of your hair and work upwards, avoiding the scalp entirely.



- Why scalp treatment? Can i just wash my hair with shampoo?


Scalp treatments helps unclog and lifts oil and dead skin cells off the scalp more thoroughly than shampoo. Problems can arise if you don’t deal with the oil buildup, as it can cause scalp problems such as hair loss and itchy, flaky scalp conditions. Healthy hair begins at the scalp, so we should treat our hair like our skin and exfoliate our hair follicles regularly.



- How often should a scalp treatment be given?


We recommend doing COSSU hair scalp treatment once or twice a week at home in the beginning to detox and get the dead skin under control. For oily scalp treatment and itchy scalp treatment, you may do so more often (2-3 times a week).


Following that, once you notice that your scalp oil is lesser, you can reduce it to three to four times a month. But if you have a scalp condition like scalp psoriasis, do consult a scalp specialist before starting your scalp care routine.


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Angeline N.
  • Age Group: Above 50
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Skin Concern: Dryness
  • Skin Tone: Fair

COSSU Sparkling 7.0 Scalp Scaling Detox

Love the tinkling sensation. Repeated purchases. Will continue to use it to clean the scalp.

Angeline N.
Singapore Singapore
  • Age Group: Above 50
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Skin Concern: Uneven Skin Texture
  • Skin Tone: Fair

COSSU Sparkling 7.0 Scalp Scaling Detox

Scalp feels refreshing n clean after used. Like the bubbling feeling when apply

Waseyo COSSU Sparkling 7.0 Scalp Scaling Detox Review
Angeline N.
Singapore Singapore
  • Age Group: 41-50
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Skin Concern: DrynessUneven Skin Texture
  • Skin Tone: Fair

COSSU Sparkling 7.0 Scalp Scaling Detox

Repeated purchases. Feel scalp is clean n refresh. Enjoy the tingling feeling when apply. Recommended.

Waseyo COSSU Sparkling 7.0 Scalp Scaling Detox Review
Michelle W.
Singapore Singapore
  • Age Group: 41-50
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Skin Concern: Aging Skin
  • Skin Tone: Natural

Cossu Sparkling Scalp Scaling Detox

Gave a cooling sensation and it really does reduce the oil production on the scalp. Will def keep using and see what the results are!

Hui S.
Singapore Singapore
  • Age Group: 25-30
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Skin Concern: DrynessSensitive Skin
  • Skin Tone: Natural

Good experience

Feel refreshing and clean after using it

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