Waseyo 422 2nd Anniversary Sale

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Labelle L5 Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser Device is one of the easiest and painless blackhead remover. It also removes whiteheads and exfoliates skin. This best facial cleanser machine helps to increas...
From $79.90
212 reviews
A peel-off mask for an instant face lift! It smoothes skin texture and brightens skin tone with just ONE use!
Achieve soft, shiny and silky hair with Yuchoo Steam Silk Hair Pack, a highly-raved and convenient hair salon treatment in a pack!
$9.90 From $6.90
Formulated with 10% active ingredients such as peptides that relax facial muscles contributing to wrinkles and fine lines, the Dream Cream is the most effective anti-aging cream in the market! Kor...
Inspired by Tahpre’s Dream Cream, the Special Care mask sheets are on a whole new level. Guaranteed to reduce wrinkles, eye bags and crows feet in just ONE use!
Begin your detoxification with Korea's No. 1 delicious detox fruit tea! Available in 3 refreshing flavours (Lemon, Orange & Pine Colada).
$21.90 $19.90
Effective yet gentle on your skin, the Tahpre Everyday Mask is specially formulated for everyday use.
For Dry & Dehydrated Skin Formulated with 98% natural ingredients, it hydrates and soothes the skin while maintaining its oil and moisture balance, and slows down aging of the skin.
$32.90 $27.90
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Huangjisoo Green Caviar Comfort Balancing Toner - 500ml
Formulated with 99.6% natural ingredients and premium chamomile from Croatia's Hvar Island, it gently soothes and moisturises dry/sensitive skin. Finally an awesome Alcohol Free toner!
$34.90 $27.90
For Oily Skin & Enlarged Pores Formulated with 98% natural ingredients, it minimises pores and increases skin elasticity while it calms the skin and removes leftover makeup gently.
$32.90 $27.90
For Sensitive & Troubled Skin Formulated with 98% natural ingredients, it soothes and calms sensitive skin gently, removes bacteria effectively and helps with sebum control & moisture balance.
$32.90 $27.90
A delicious instant smoothie for quick meal replacement or nutrients replenishment, especially for breakfast or after exercise.
$21.90 From $19.90
18 reviews
Korea's Best Selling Hair Wax used in Salons. Great for ALL hair types and styles.
$19.90 $16.90
7 reviews
Begin your detoxification with Korea's No. 1 delicious detox fruit tea! Available in 3 refreshing flavours (Lemon, Orange & Pine Colada).
$21.90 $19.90
For Rough & Dull Skin Formulated with 98% natural ingredients, it whitens, brightens, heals and moisturises the skin, while preventing photoaging (premature aging).
$32.90 $27.90
Compliment Cledbel's face lifting solution experience with Cledbel's Gold Collagen Lifting Serum, which contains 73% collagen, gold extract, and peptides to increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkle...
For Tired Skin Lacking Elasticity Formulated with 98% natural ingredients, it forms a protective barrier against harmful dust and dirt, prevents photoaging (premature aging), soothes and nourishes ...
$32.90 $27.90
Stop the clock with every drop of Tahpre's "Greedy" Time Erase Ampoule! Contains No. 1 Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 which is effective on fine lines, wrinkles, laugh lines and firming up the skin. The bes...
$32.90 $29.90
Huangjisoo Pure Perfect Cleansing Oil 180ml
$36.90 $29.90
22 reviews
Express your personality with the refreshing and pleasant scents of Mint Floral, Purple Musk, Yellow Citrus, Red Sweet and Pink Fruity! Korea Retail Price: SGD 29.90
$14.90 $3.90
A lazy pouch that conveniently stores all your beauty essentials so you can easily bring them with you wherever you go!
$9.90 $3.90
2 reviews
A fast-absorbing lotion formulated with niacinamide, a skin-repairing ingredient, that hydrates the skin and lightens acne scars.
A low pH gel-type cleanser for oily to combination skin which eliminates excessive sebum and impurities, and reduces inflammation of the skin.
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