Freshen up your look with our vibrant selection of long-lasting lipsticks and lip tint for that luscious and pouty looking lip!

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422 Waseyo Day Surprise Box - MY VELY BEAUTY
THIS SURPRISE BOX INCLUDES: - 1X Creamy Glow Blusher - 1X Lash Up Long & Curl Mascara - 1X Single Eyeshadow - 1X Eye Definition Lasting Shadow Liner - 1X 1.5mm Microfiber Brow Pencil - 1X Lipstick...
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A 2-in-1 Lip Tint Duo composed of a water tint to add a lively color to your lips and a lip plumper to enhance the volume of your lips to achieve kissable lips!
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100% Authentic From Korea
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