Labelle L5 Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser Device

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Labelle L5 Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser Device is one of the easiest and painless blackhead remover. It also removes whiteheads and exfoliates skin. This best facial cleanser machine helps to increase absorption of skincare products, leaving your skin healthier. DIY and start getting rid of black heads from home today! Suitable for all skin types.

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Labelle 5 Ultrasonic Cleanser:
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Recommended For:
- Home facial
- Removal of Stubborn whiteheads, blackheads and Small Milia seeds
- Increase absorption rate of after care products
- Longer lasting and Smoother application of Makeup

Things to Note:
- Slightly wet your face to allow device to glide. Do not need any other products like gel or cream to use
- Do not exfoliate on the same spot but gently glide the device across the area for maximum effect
- You can use it 2-3 times a week for normal skin and once a week for sensitive skin. Each session should not last more than 5 mins to avoid over usage
- When LED is Blue: Battery is Full. LED Flashing Blue: Device is in use. When LED is Red: Battery is Low LED Flashing Red: Charging
- Device is splash proof so do not soak in water
- Charge with low ampere 1A to extend battery life of device

- For best results, use the device after a hot shower or steam bath to open pores
- For maintenance you can use your facial cleanser to clean the stainless steel blade or simply use alcohol wipes to disinfect it
- Keep device in cool and dry areas when not in use
- Comes with 6 months Local Warranty

- Removes impurities (white heads, black heads and make-up residues) clogged in pores
- Exfoliates dead skin
- Increases absorption of skin care products, leaving your skin healthier and flawless
- Suitable for ALL skin types

Disclaimer: Results will differ with different people

How to Use: 
1. Spray mist or slightly wet your face 
2. Turn on the device, by clicking on the 'POWER' button. 
3. Glide the Labelle device across the skin. 

Tips: For better results, use the Labelle device right after shower. 

Charging and Battery Usage: 
- LED is Blue: Battery is Full
- LED Flashing Blue: Device is in use
- LED is Red: Battery is Low
- LED Flashing Red: Charging 

* Do not use wall plug to charge, but instead with a portable charger or laptop instead.
* Preferable to charge with a low ampere 1A to extend battery life of device.

1. Please handle device with dry hands to prevent it from spoiling
2. Do not use on open wounds.


- How exfoliate skin?


It is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using extraction tools physically (eg Labelle L5), or products containing certain chemical (eg AHA & BHA acids), or granular substance (eg grainy scrubs and microbeads). 


Your skin naturally regenerates around every 30 days and sheds dead skin cells. However, if not shed completely, dead skin cells lead to clogged pores. Exfoliating skin can help prevent clogged pores, which forms whiteheads, blackheads, or acne breakouts.



- Why should you exfoliate skin?


Exfoliation is effectively unclogging your pores. Clearing away the layer of dead and dry skin, together with all the other surface dirt that remains on your skin, prevents it from making its way into your pores and causing stubborn whiteheads and blackheads.


Since pores are unclogged and the surface of the skin is free of any dead skin cells, your other skincare products are able to penetrate more deeply. That's why exfoliation should always be included in your skincare routine, so your expensive moisturizers and serums can work their magic.


Some people might choose to exfoliate before you start your day to help brighten your skin and prevent it from looking dull. Exfoliants break down dry and dead skin while smoothing texture, which means the skin appears to look more even and brighter toned.


Regular exfoliation also helps to stimulate collagen production and cell turnover to improve the skin's texture, integrity, and keep the skin looking plump, tight, and young.



- How often exfoliate skin?


Exfoliation is one of the first few important steps of the Korean 10 Step skincare, and is important part of your cleansing routine.

It depends on the type of skin that you have and your daily routine. You do not need to exfoliate everyday. Recommended for most people, exfoliate for sensitive skin should be kept to once a week. Exfoliate for dry skin can be 1-2 times a week. And exfoliate for oily skin can be 2-3 times a week.


If you use chemical exfoliants, you should alternate between the product and physical exfoliating. Also avoid exfoliating if you have cuts or open wounds on your skin.



- Blackheads vs whiteheads : What is the difference?


When too much oil is produced inside the pore and clogs up, it mixes with the built-up dead skin and bacteria that isn’t exfoliated. If the pore is open, the oil and dead skin at the top of the clogged pore are exposed to air and oxidize, thus forming a blackhead. What you see are the black dots that have formed on your skin, especially blackheads on the nose area.


Whiteheads are similarly formed through the mixture of excess sebum and dead skin in the pore. Difference is that the pore is closed, and hence air is not able to enter and the bacteria does not undergo a chemical reaction and remain white.



- Blackhead how to remove?


Traditionally, one of the blackhead removal methods is extraction. It is the process of manually removing a pimple by putting pressure directly on the spot. Blackhead extraction is best left to the professionals. Dermatologists or estheticians will have the right tools that are properly sanitized. Attempting to squeeze, pop, or extract the blackheads on your nose on your own and without professional help can result in redness, irritation, or permanent scarring.


Alternatively, there are more economical self care available like blackheads remover tool, peel off masks, or chemical exfoliants that allows you remove blackheads naturally.



- What blackheads remedy to get rid of blackheads?


You can use blackhead remover tool like our Labelle Ultrasonic Cleanser which uses ultrasonic technology to painlessly exfoliate your pore, and get rid of blackheads from beneath. This replaces the painful extraction methods used by estheticians, which applies pressure on the spot to force the blackhead out.


To treat the root of the problem, it is important to deep cleanse, try using products that contain chemical exfoliants. An example is BHA which are oil soluble and helps penetrate deeper into the pores to unclog them. Salicylic acid, one type of BHA, helps by dissolving skin debris that can clog up your pores. It also softens and loosens the skin cells, and in the process dissolve the blackheads.


You can check out charcoal or clay masks too. They are useful to work deep into the pores and draw out dirt and other impurities. They are great detoxifiers and helps rid skin of excess oil and loosen clogged pores in the process.



- Blackhead pore strips to remove blackheads on nose?


Blackhead pore strips temporarily remove a layer of skin, together with the oil and dirt that make up the blackhead. However, there is the risk that it only removes a superficial layer, and leaves part of blackheads behind. Also, the adhesive in blackhead pore strips can also irritate your skin, or even damage it if your skin is sensitive or thin. This leaves your skin looking irritated and red.



- Are blackhead vacuums good?


Pore vacuums are mini vacuums that work by using suction to deeply clean out your pores. It works best if the clogged pores were pre-loosened with products like salicylic acid. The suction has to create enough force and friction to physically pull the sebum and dead skin out. These devices are generally safe to use, but you’ll want to be careful with how powerful the suction is. Applying too much suction to the skin can lead to painful skin bruising.

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Yan T.
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Concern: Acne ProneUneven Skin TextureAging Skin
  • Skin Type: Oily
  • Age Group: 31-34

Labelle Ultrasonic Cleanser

I have been using the cleanser for the past 1 week. It helps to remove the dirt on my skin. I felt that my skin absorb the cream better and also lesser outbreaks

Kennie L.
  • Skin Tone: Natural
  • Skin Concern: Sensitive Skin
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Age Group: 31-34

Amazing product

It’s amazing! I used it to extract all my black and white heads and it comes out so easily!

Lena G.
  • Skin Tone: Natural
  • Skin Concern: Uneven Skin Texture
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Age Group: 25-30

Awesome product!

It is as advertised! I used it every night after I washed my face when I first got it. After that, I used it every 2 nights. Now, I use it twice a week! The result is almost instant! Very satisfied with it!

Waseyo Labelle L5 Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser Device Review

Works amazingly as advertised!!

I do not have large pores/"strawberry nose" and thus the first time when I tried this, I use it after a hot shower + facial steamer/sauna(to open up my pores) and it works so well! (It still works for me without combining the 2 though, as long as you keep spraying water mist on your face/keep your face wet). Just need to use a tiny bit of force to glide it through your face and you'll see that it "vibrates out" the oil/white/blackheads effortlessly! You can even use it to "pop out" the tiny bumps on your face/pimples without the need to ***** a hole like what I used to do with a pimple picker/extractor(which can cause scarring). There may be some redness right after you glide this device across your face, but it heals almost immediately-which shows that the device is really gentle on the face! It has definitely clears up quite a bit of my clogged pores now, giving me a smoother face. I'll definitely recommend this device to everyone out there!

Stephanie Y.
Singapore Singapore
  • Skin Tone: Natural
  • Skin Concern: Acne Prone
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Age Group: 35-40

Not bad

Pretty useful in removing the whiteheads on nose and chin areas. Doesn't help to remove pimples though maybe my technique isn't right. Overall a happy purchase!

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100% Authentic From Korea
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