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A skin boosting serum infused with 12% pure STAY-C© 50 (a new and improved form of Vitamin C), which delivers rich nutrition deep into the skin, making it brighter and radiant while reducing wrinkles.
Powerful, yet gentle cleansing device which removes impurities (white heads, black heads and makeup residue) clogged in pores and exfoliates dead skin with high frequency ultrasonic vibration (33,0...
$83.80 From $69.90
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An advanced facial vacuum cleansing gadget that removes stubborn blackheads & whiteheads effectively and easily.
$129.00 $55.90
Advanced facial cleansing gadget that cleanses and removes dirt while massaging your face with ultra soft silicone bristles. Korea Retail Price: SGD49.90
$59.80 $32.90
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