Mywater Detox Fruit Water Tea - Pine Colada

Experience a tropical taste with our latest MyWater Detox Fruit Water Tea flavour - a savoury mixture of coconut and pineapple!

Made with 100% Natural Ingredients

No Additives, Caffeine or Sugar

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Recommended For:
- Detoxifying your body
- Both adults and children who do not like to drink plain water

Things to Note:
- Caffeine-free and Natural Flavours (no artificial flavours)
- Fruit slices are dehydrated and do not contain any artificial preservatives, hence the expiry date is shorter
- Each bag contains 7 Fruit Slices and 7 Tea Sachets
- Can be served both hot or cold

- You can add any amount of water to suit your liking
- At Waseyo, we normally mix it with 700ml - 1 litre of ice water
SERVING 7 Servings (7 Fruit Slices + 7 Tea Sachets) per Mywater Packet

- Instant Detox Tea that comes in 3 different flavours - Lemon, Orange and Pine Colada
- Contains high quality tea leaves and selected ingredients to help you drink more water and detox, leaving you refreshed all day.

Dried Pineapple Slice, Apple (Turkey) 33.48%, Hibiscus (Nigeria) 16.74%, Rosehip Shells (Chile) 19.03%, Coconut Flakes (Sri Lanka) 12%, Pineapple Cubes (Thailand) 8%, Hibiscus Leaves (Sudan, Burkina Faso) 6.85%, Coconut Flavouring (Germany) 1.8%, Pineapple Flavouring (Germany) 1.6%, Cream Flavouring (Germany) 0.5%
For 1 Bottle (500ml - 1 litre): 
1. Add 1 fruit slice & 1 tea sachet of your flavour choice into the Mywater bottle (or your own flask/bottle).
2. Pour in 500ml to 1 litre of room temperature, warm, or iced water to your liking.
3. Allow drink to settle for 5-15mins.

Optional: Add more ice if you like to enjoy your refreshing cup of Mywater Fruit Tea cold.

For 1 Jug (1 litre - 2 litres): 
1. Add 2 fruit slices & 2 tea sachets of your flavour choice into a jug
Pour in 1 to 2 litres of room temperature, warm, or iced water to your liking. 
3. Allow drink to settle for 5-15mins.

Optional: Add more ice if you like to enjoy your refreshing cup of Mywater Fruit Tea cold. 


In event of allergy to certain tea or fruit ingredients, discontinue consumption of drink. Do consult with a doctor if there are any abnormal symptoms.

Precautions for storage: 
Store it in a cool and dry place 


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brina w.
  • Age Group: 18-24
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Skin Concern: Sensitive Skin
  • Skin Tone: Natural

Not too bad

Helps my drink more water effectively but i'm not really a fan of this flavour as it is a little sour.

Zi Jia
  • Age Group: Below 18
  • Skin Type: Normal
  • Skin Concern: None
  • Skin Tone: Tanned

Extremely refreshing and tasty

Pleasantly surprised by the packaging where the dried pineapple and the tea sachet came in separately sealed bags within a ziplock bag. This makes it super convenient for people like me who spend most of our day outside at work and then subsequently training at night, no need to find ways to store the loose tea bags in my bag. The smell and taste is amazing, especially from the dried pineapple which made the water have a hint of sour & sweetness that is addictive. I would definitely recommend this product for people looking to increase their water intake! Have yet to test the product long enough for the detox effects to occur, but will keep trying it in hope that it will regulate my bowel movement! Overall, it is definitely a product to get for people looking try fruity detox water in pursuit of healthier habits :)

  • Age Group: 25-30
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Skin Concern: Uneven Skin TextureSensitive SkinAging Skin
  • Skin Tone: Fair

MyDetox Fruit Water Tea

Loving the convenient pack! Very handy especially for this modern generation whereby people are racing against time everyday. With this, you can juggle your health and schedules at the same time! This flavor is tasty but at the same time, not too sweet. Just the right flavor for people with low blood sugar as well! I'm not a fan of drinking up water (I drink less than a 500ml bottle usually.) But with this detox tea, I simply started gulping 2 Litres of water daily (VERY LEGIT) which is very essential in hydrating our skin and most importantly, our health! I have constipation issues as well but with this detox tea, my toilet visits became pretty regular. (SUPER LEGIT.) Least to mention, the price is pretty affordable too! Just $17.90 for a week of detox tea to improve your health instead of spending a hefty for clinic visits. Worth it!

  • Age Group: 31-34
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Skin Concern: Sensitive SkinAging Skin
  • Skin Tone: Tanned

Detox fruit water tea

Very convenience package and I don’t have to mix my own fruit. Caffine and additives free. Just have to mix with cold or hot water to enjoy this refreshing drink.

  • Age Group: 25-30
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Skin Concern: None
  • Skin Tone: Fair

Refreshing Detox Fruit Tea

I love how convenient the detox fruit tea was! It was so easy to prepare with no hassle! Super refreshing especially for the hot weather in Singapore!

Safe & Effective
Free samples with every purchase
Affordable Prices
100% Authentic From Korea
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