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With the rising trend of having a flawless complexion, “glass skin” is now the latest Korean beauty craze. Koreans have always been attracted to having dewy skin which emphasises the radiance and shine of the skin. The idea of “glass skin” is to make your face smooth, moisturised and hydrated as if it’s a transparent and translucent glass. This ideal skin standard coequals with a baby-like appearance and youthful skin. The secret to achieving the ”glass skin” look lies with consistent exfoliation and moisturising of the skin. You will not get an instant result overnight but rather through a long-time commitment to the routine. It lies with the use of never-ending products of masks, hydrating serums and exfoliators.

Step 1: Cleansing

Using the Korean double cleansers method, firstly, use an oil cleanser to remove makeup, and thereafter a water-based cleanser to clear the makeup residue. It is important to get rid of all your makeup and cleanse the skin to unclog all the gunk and prepare for skincare absorption.

Taphre Cleansing Chef

Huangjisoo Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser

Step 2: Exfoliating

Exfoliating is one of the essential steps for better skin care absorption. Exfoliating once a week removes dead skin cells which reduces dullness and brightens the skin.

Labelle Magic Cleanser

Labelle Ultrasonic Cleanser

Step 3: Toning

The toner provides a source of hydration while balancing the PH of the skin. Use the Korean 7 skin method, which requires layering on & pat 7 times of toner for extreme hydration.

Tahpre Wake up Call Toner

Step 4: Essence / Serum

The essence or serum can be a multifunctional skin care product that moisturises, brighten, and tone the skin

Tahpre Mind Reader Essence

Step 5: Ampoule

The ampoule treats a specific skin issue. Use a small amount and apply lightly on the targeted areas that need improvement.

Tahpre Jealous Ampoule

Step 6: Mask 

Masking for just 15 to 20 minutes not only provides hydration for the skin but it gives your skin the supple look as well. 

NOHJ Masks

Step 7: Night Cream / Moisturiser / Sleeping Mask

A moisturiser or sleeping mask is the last step of the skincare routine. The product functions as a seal that locks in the moisture in the skin that was previously hydrated by the toner & masks.

Tahpre Dream Cream




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