New K-Beauty Fav: Labelle The Premium Vita C Booster!

New K-Beauty Fav: Labelle The Premium Vita C Booster!
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What is STAY-C© 50?

STAY-C© 50, a new and improved form of Vitamin C, which is scientifically proven to be way more effective in brightening age spots, hyper-pigmentation, or discoloration of the skin. In addition to brightening skin, STAY-C© 50 can also reduce wrinkles.


Why is STAY-C© 50 better?

Longer period of efficacy

Research conducted by DSM has shown that STAY-C© 50 is highly stable as it has a longer period of efficacy, as opposed to the usual Vitamin C, even after opening.

More enriched

A study by Professor Ikeno showed that volunteers with moderate to severe skin blemishes who regularly applied a 5% STAY-C© 50 lotion twice daily on their face showed that their skin condition significantly improved by 77% after 12 weeks. The efficacy of STAY-C© 50 was superior than 5% Benzoylperoxide, a widely prescribed drug for acne treatment.

(Before (left) and after (right) 12 weeks of twice daily application of a STAY-C© 50 lotion.)


The Premium Vita C Booster contains 12% STAY-C© 50!

With just 5% of STAY-C© 50, the results can be seen clearly. Imagine with 12% of STAY-C© 50, the serum is way more concentrated and the results can definitely be seen in a shorter period of time.

If you’re looking to improve your skin tone, reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, acne scar and wrinkles, STAY-C© 50 is the powerful Vitamin C to try! 



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