The 1 Secret Place You Didn't Know Koreans Shop From

The 1 Secret Place You Didn't Know Koreans Shop From
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Shopping in Seoul's Myeongdong is literally every girl’s dream itinerary. Bright lights, vibrant crowd and huge assortment of beauty products along every aisle. Who can resist the excitement of hopping along rows of beauty shops, laying hands on the hottest beauty babies to add to your makeup pouch?

Known as the beauty capital of the world, South Korea has risen to be one of Singaporean's favourite shopping places globally. And trust us - the excitement doesn’t end there. Shopping in Korea never stops. 

But where is that one place that every Korean likes to shop from?

To our surprise, we found out that an average Korean actually spend more time at home shopping than out in the streets. Yes with the press of a remote button, many of them shop from their TV Boxes.

With more than six major TV homeshopping channels (Lotte, CJ, Hyundai, GS, NS, HNS) broadcasting live 24 hours a day, TV homeshopping is the fastest growing shopping market in Korea. In fact, 1 ‘NS Homeshopping’ channel itself, averages more than 100,000 transactions a day!

These channels showcase a variety from food to cars and even insurance. And definitely, every woman’s first love, cosmetics!

With the simple click of a remote button, coupled with the super-fast deliveries which could be as short as 2 hours within Seoul, you could be receiving your order right after you have watched your latest K-drama. DAEBAK!!!


Does TV homeshopping sounds foreign to you? You are not alone! A short survey on the perceptions of younger Singaporeans towards TV homeshopping channels revealed that 68% perceive the channels to be a non-stop stream of advertisements, and “a major turn off”. Is TV homeshopping restricted to just Ah-jummas (Korean Aunties)?

No, and in fact many young viewers are also invited to the show to test products. Together with famous TV hosts and celebrities, and the likes of special guests e.g. Mirander Kerr, countless episodes are crafted to keep Koreans young and old entertained for hours.

Much friendlier than your pushy salespeople in the retail stores, these hosts entertain with live demonstrations and detailed explanation. Always good to see the results and reviews in real life right?


Even better news! It comes with plenty of freebies and exceptional discount packages from shopping on those channels. What more can one ask for?

Over at Waseyo, we promise you the same experience! We bring to you the same products found on those channels so you can get to save money on high quality beauty products that only Koreans use. With credible reviews, and quick delivery too. So yes, be sure to look out for it!



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