How to find the perfect cleanser for your skin type?

Having trouble deciding what facials cleansers to buy?

"Which is the best cleanser in the market? What kind of cleanser should I buy?"

Before we decide on what products to buy, we need to know what skin type we have. Worry no more! We have put together an ultimate guide for you to find the perfect cleanser that will best suit your skin type!

Huangjisoo Cleansers (Full Range)


Dry Skin

Oh no! My skin feels dehydrated and lacklustre! 

Okay, so your skin feels tight and dry? Possibly flaky and cracking? If you have dry skin, over cleansing (washing more than 30 seconds) can actually dry out the skin and ultimately leaving it feeling tight. When this happens, you’re not going to leave it untreated, aren’t you? Dry skin requires a heavy use of moisturiser throughout the day, and it is especially needed upon waking or after washing the face.

The verdict? When you have dry skin, you need a lot of moisture. Always wash your face to nourish your skin cells and it’s the most important first part of taking care of your skin — that’s why Huangjisoo Moisturising (with Oatmeal) is ideal for your skin type. With natural ingredients, it makes the skin feel refreshed and supple. A moisturising barrier is formed to minimise loss of water while maintaining the oil and moisture balance of your skin.

Huangjisoo Moisturising Cleanser (with Oatmeal)


Oily Skin

Help, I need a blotting paper!

Oh no, it’s not your highlight glowing, it’s your oily skin screaming to shine! If your skin is oily, your skin will feel greasy and shiny all over and the need to constantly blot your face with oil blotting sheets. Even after washing your face, the squeaky clean feeling will probably last for a couple of hours before your skin turns visibly greasy.

When it comes to moisturising, your skin releases enough oil so you wouldn’t need it often throughout the day. Taking care of the skin requires you to wash your face often and it would be great for reducing the amount of oil you currently have. A great companion to wash your face with would be the Huangjisoo Deep Clean (with Peppermint). This cleanser not only removes the leftover of makeup gently, it also reduces the production of sebum with natural ingredients! The peppermint extract cleanses the unwanted waste deep within the skin, reducing your skin troubles.   

Huangjisoo Deep Clean Cleanser (with Peppermint)


Normal Skin

I think my skin is pretty normal!

Hmm, so it’s not too drying nor too oily or even sensitive? Well, you don’t really need to worry much because you most likely have normal skin. Even though you may need to use a little bit of moisturiser, your skin is what most sought after! To maintain the radiance, lighter cleansers are ideal for your skin type so you can maintain on having soft and nourished skin.

Pamper your face with the Huangjisoo Anti-Pollution (with Omija). It forms a protective layer to protect the skin from the harmful fine dust while nourishing the skin to be bright and healthy. The omija extract prevents aging of the skin while maintaining clear and healthy looking skin.

Huangjisoo Anti-Pollution Cleanser (with Omija)


Combination Skin

I’m pretty sure I feel that my skin is dry yet oily at the same time?

Typically, does your skin feels oily in the T-zone (your forehead, nose and chin) but dry everywhere else? If yes, then you most likely are dealing with combination skin.

After washing your face, combination skin will often feel clean, refreshed and oil-free around the nose area but tight and dry around the cheeks. This is when you will need to frequently apply moisturiser to some areas of your face that are drying out but not on the oily parts. If you have combination skin, you can mix the Huangjisoo Moisturising (with Oatmeal) together with the Huangjisoo Deep Clean (with Peppermint) to control your sebum while replenishing your skin with the moisture it requires!


Sensitive Skin

I’m not wearing any blusher, they’re just sensitive!

Do you notice redness or your face feels itchy, patchy? You may want to watch your skincare routine because you probably have sensitive skin. When you have sensitive skin, your skin reacts differently depending on the weather and environment you’re in.

After cleansing your face, you’d often feel clean however sometimes the particular cleanser you’re using may actually trigger some form of itching and irritation. If this happens frequently, it could be a tell-tale sign of sensitive skin.

When you have sensitive skin, it is actually the most delicate skin type to take proper care for. You would need to look for mild products without any harsh ingredients like alcohol and menthol. Nourish your skin with cleansers containing mild plant oils such as sweet almond, jojoba or chamomile like the Huangjisoo Anti-Trouble (with Chamomile). With the chamomile ingredient infused, it soothes, heals and keep skin irritation at bay, while improving the skin tone.

Huangjisoo Anti-Trouble Cleanser (with Chamomile)

Through 12 years of endless research and experimentation, environmental researcher and skin expert, Hwang Ji-soo developed her very own organic skin care brand based on her beliefs of the great healing power and vitality nature possess. With 98% natural ingredients, Huangjisoo’s skin care products are concocted using a combination of precise ration of varying natural ingredients, hence producing way more synergy and power that opposes to skin care products made chemically.

With this guide, you should always, and never, ever forget or underestimate the need of a facial cleanser in your daily skincare routine. Your skin will thank you!




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