Here's Why This Is The Most Important Holiday To Koreans?

Here's Why This Is The Most Important Holiday To Koreans?
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Chuseok originally known as archaic Korean for the great middle of autumn is a significant harvest festival celebrated by the Koreans traditionally over a period of three days from the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on the full moon. This is a time where Koreans get in touch with their roots and if you look to the streets, trains are packed and traffic is jammed across the country as people journey to their hometowns.

The Koreans would usually prepare a spread ranging from meats to fruits.

Korean Traditional Food

 One very popular dish included is known as the Songpyeon. This is a traditional Korean dish made of glutinous rice. It is made from rice powder dough surrounding a sweet paste filing made of sesame, beans or chestnuts and steamed with pine needles.

 The different colours of the Songpyeon can represent many unique flavours which can both be bought at Korean street markets or food stores. Many families buy their supplies to make their own Songpyeon and are given out to family members and close neighbours.

While it is a season of expressing one’s gratitude, Chuseok is also a time of bounty and happiness.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, the Koreans don themselves in Chuseokbim. Bim refers to adorning oneself with new clothes for holidays or parties. People in the past decked themselves in traditional Korean dresses also known as Hanbok. However, with time, people either purchase new Western clothes or do not prepare Bim at all.

Conventionally, hanbok make up requires red or dark lipstick with their hair tightly pulled back in a low bun with no fringe for a more formal pose.  Of course, we all know that the Koreans are renowned for their “no make-up” make up look. Depending on one’s style and personal preference, Korean women would usually opt for a heavier eye make-up and nude lippies or vice versa, lighter on the eyes and darker on the lips. It comes to us as no surprise at all watching these Korean ladies beautify themselves.

To achieve this timeless look, read on to find out how!

  1. Straight Brows

Koreans tend to opt for a straighter looking brow, with lesser emphasis on the arch in order to achieve a more youthful, lighter, softer as well as an innocent appearance.

  1. Dewy Skin

We are all very envious of how Koreans are born with such flawless and radiant looking skin, but it also boils down to the amount of effort placed into their skincare regime, which can go up to as many as 8-9 steps with the inclusion of essences, ampoules and masks on top of the usual Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising.

  1. Ombre lips

The gradient lips is not a new term in the cosmetic industry. This creates an illusion of a smaller lip, which would give a youthful and innocent glow to the face. This look is achieved by applying your lips with a concealer, then carefully apply your  favourite lip stick or lip stain to the centre of your lips and using your finger, gently spread it out all over your lips for a gentler and more natural finish.

  1. Sparkly Eyes

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul and indeed, it is important to keep your eyes hydrated and bright. The Koreans are known for drawing a thin line of eye shimmer on the lower waterline to “open” up their eyes. 

  1. Contouring

To create an illusion of a slimmer and sharper nose, swab on a little brown powder on the sides of your nose, don’t forget your temples and jawline as well to create a “smaller” looking face.

Now that we’ve fed you a little on what Chuseok is all about, get ready your beauty tools and glam up this Thanksgiving!


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