4 Weirdest Vintage Beauty Secrets You Never Knew About

4 Weirdest Vintage Beauty Secrets You Never Knew About
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Contouring, highlighting, nude lipsticks, the no-makeup look are only some of the current beauty secrets that are circulating & practiced by not only Hollywood stars but also makeup enthusiasts like us! These makeup trends are easy to keep up with & achieve today but do you know how old Hollywood Stars achieved their beauty back then?

Prepare yourself for a plenty of “What?”, “Are you serious?” & “I can’t believe this” as you find out the most bizarre beauty tricks. You’ve been warned, girl.


1. Layering 5 different lipsticks!

Marilyn Monroe was undeniably famous for her beauty but more so on her iconic plump red lips! Her secret? Applying 5 different shades of lipsticks & gloss! “What?!” is THE reaction. Layering lipsticks, in this case 5 can dehydrate the lips & leave cracks throughout the day if you’re not careful. (gross!)


BEAUTY FLIP: We don’t suggest layering lipstick but try lining slightly beyond the outer rim of your lips with a lip pencil instead! For the extra plump, lightly dab a highlighter at the centre of your lips for that extra plump effect! Easy peasy right?




2. Back teeth removal & surgical tape!

The German-American actress & singer, Marlene Dietrich was known for her “bedroom eyes” by all but secretly more for having the back of her teeth removed (ouchhh!) to accentuate her cheekbones and have surgical tape to lift up her face!


BEAUTY FLIP: Beauty is pain but it doesn’t have to be as painful as having your teeth forcefully removed (double ouch). Simply use the technique of contouring to enhance your cheekbones & replace the surgical tape with Tahpre’s Botox Dream Cream from Waseyo.com for effective face lifting! There you go, painless & fuss free! 



3. Stuffing cotton or wads of tissue!

Gloria Graham is a head-turner but unfortunately she doesn’t think so. Self-conscious about her thin upper lip, she would stuff cotton or wads of tissue between her upper lip and teeth for a plumper look… Awkwaaard


BEAUTY FLIP: Scrap the cotton & tissue track! Not only does it cause discomfort but also tips your hygiene off the scale - yikes. There are SO many easy lip plumping tricks & one quick way to do it is simply lipgloss! Those light, shimmery gloss will make your lips look plumper AND give the illusion of well-hydrated lips. Double-win! 




4. Using a pin to separate lashes!

We have always wanted a pair of long, bambi-looking lashes like Audrey Hepburn’s & here’s how she did it - after applying mascara, she would use a pin (uh huh, you’re reading this right) to separate each individual lashes to achieve beautiful, clump-free lashes!


BEAUTY FLIP: Ladies, drop the dangerous pin-idea. Thankfully we have safer alternatives to clump-free lashes (phew!) like the Cover Girl’s Clump Stopping Mascara, YAY!



Now that you know the vintage beauty secrets & fast tricks to achieving them, go ahead & try them out.

Don't forget to have fun!

Till next time, 

Qurratuain xx


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